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At Cedar Point Restaurant, your guests’ growling stomachs are in our best interests. We will make your event memorable just by what is on the plate. Our friendly staff offers exceptional catering service so you aren’t afraid to tell us anything.

You’ll love your catering service as much as you love our food. We guarantee that the dishes on your menu will be infused with the freshest ingredients. Our reliable service will let you relax about the food and focus on other event planning details. We want to bring you the hospitality from our American restaurant right to your special event.

We want to ensure that the highlight of your visit to our restaurant was our exceptional service. Therefore, we will gladly accommodate you with that same service right to your event. Since American food is what makes us who we are, we want to make sure to live up to those expectations as caterer. Here at Cedar Point Restaurant, we provide each guest with our undivided attention. We strongly believe that personal connection will make the catering process easier.

The catering team follows strong work ethics of professional and personal service. The quality of our food matches our quality of service. Years of reliable service have made Cedar Point Restaurant in one of the most reputable names in the industry. You won’t be questioning our talents and services when planning special events. We want you to get the most out of your party. Call or visit us today in Spring Lake, NC!